Voronezh - Russia, Angstrem Furniture Retail

Redesign of retail spaces and Corporate Identity development

Furniture producer Angstrem, based in Voronezh, South Russia, seeked support for redesign of retail spaces. Project in collaboration with Interior Design Breil+.

Angstrem Furniture Ltd. runs over 200 shops in the Russian Federation. The Headquarter is in Voronezh, a city and the administrative center of Voronezh Oblast, Russia, located on both sides of the Voronezh River. Angstrem (Ангстрем) was founded in 1991 in the times of Perestroika. The first product was a training simulator for infants called "Skijack". Angstrem also produces for Ikea e.g. the model "Billy", which is sold on the European Market. However, their main focus lies on development of designs and manufacturing for bedrooms and living room furniture.

Thank you for making this happen:

Breil +

Angstrem Ltd.